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A kill switch is a mechanism used to shut down or disable machinery or a device or program. The purpose of a kill switch is usually either to prevent theft of a machine or data or as a means of shutting down machinery in an emergency.

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Once you start the program go to your tray and right click on the red PIA icon. Click on Settings and then click on the Advanced button in the 1. Switch servers. First of all, if you find PIA not connecting, you should try changing the server location to multiple others. The good news is that these issues only exist in older versions of PIA apps.

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I have tried it with and without my account info (when connected to the PIA client). I like the idea of just having my client connected for port forwarding, but how does the plugin det Interface PIA_OVPN Source Then in your firewall rules, use PIA as the gateway under the LAN rule allowing traffic out. In other words PIA_VPN_Traffic as the source, destination any, and set the gateway to use PIA. This rule should be above the default allow all. Enter a Kill Switch. A kill switch is basically some system which ensures your ip address is not leaked, and ideally blocks all traffic that is not through the VPN. Hence if your VPN connection drops, your system doesn't fall back to standard network interfaces.

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